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A Mix of 6 CD's

Product Code: CDMIX
Categories: Books, CDs & Stationery, CDs
Type: Mixed
A pre packed mix of 6 x CD's picked at random -

In this selection you will receive a mix of the following CD's
- "Forest Dreams"
- "Mindscape"
- "The Dolphin Experience"
- "Journey Through Time"
- "Drifting"
- "Timeless Reflections"
- "Equanimaty"
- "Romantic"
- "Woodland Harmony"
- "Scarborough Fair"
- "Inner Peace"
- "Ocean Symphony"


Please note in some cases you may receive a double up of any of these CD's although we have tried hard to avoid this. We cannot guarantee 1 of each.
We have based the pricing on BUY 3 GET 3 FREE! So do not miss out on these bargains.