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Tulasi Orange Cones

Product Code: 36472
Categories: Fragrance, Incense Cones
Brand: Tulasi
Scent: Orange Enhance the atmosphere of any home with these Tulasi Orange Incense Cones. Tulasi Incense Cones are well known for having a good defined fragrance.

Tulasi Incense Cones come in a huge variety of fragrances in a wide array of individually designed boxes. Tulasi have a reputation of producing incense cones that are fantastic quality and are one of the finest incense cone manufacturers from India.

To bring any room to life with the amazing aromas of these incense sticks, just light the tip of the Tulasi Incense Cone. Once the tip glows, blow out the flame and place in one of many Incense Cone Holders available.

To get the most enjoyment from incense cones it is advised that they are used with incense holders. Aargee also stock a wide selection of incense holders specifically designed for use with incense cones.

The citrus fragrance of orange is light and laid back and is the perfect aroma for nights when entertaining to ensure a laid back atmosphere is created.

12 packs per unit.