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Aargee Patchouli Sticks

Product Code: 01208
Categories: Fragrance, Incense Sticks
Brand: Aargee & Others
Box Type: Standard Box
Scent: Patchouli
Pack Quantity: 12 These Aargee Patchouli Deluxe Incense Sticks are ideal for meditation or entertaining and will create the perfect atmosphere. Aargee has a wide range of incense sticks available in a huge choice of fragrances.

To enhance any enviroment with the amazing aromas that these sticks provide, just light the end of the Aargee Incense Stick. Once the end glows, blow out the flame and place in one of many Incense Holders.

The traditional koh-doh scent of Patchouli is rich and exotic is ideal for creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Patchouli with its earthy fragrance is perfect for those Autumn fireside evenings.

12 units per pack