Free UK shipping when you spend over £200

Loyalty Discount

We have introduced a Loyalty Discount Scheme to reward our loyal customers.

The discount is based on your annual spend excluding VAT, which is calculated over the last 365 days.

Annual Spend £1,000+ Discount 5%

Annual Spend £2,500+ Discount 10%

Annual Spend £5,000+ Discount 15%

  • Certain products are excluded from the total spend, these include all products listed under Nett or Pallet Deals and Casualty Bay Category items.
  • Where applicable, all prices shown on the site include the loyalty discount applied at the appropriate rate.
  • When buying Bulk Discount items you will receive the bulk discount as well as your loyalty discount.
  • When buying Nett Bulk or Pallet Deals you will only receive the bulk discount.
  • A loyalty discount will be applied to all orders after each loyalty threshold is reached.  

All orders placed on Faire will not count toward your loyalty discount