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HEM Anubhuti Masala

Product Code: 948013
Categories: Fragrance, Incense Sticks
Brand: HEM
Box Type: Standard
Range: Masala
Scent: Anubhuti
Pack Quantity: 12
HEM Anubhuti Natural Incense Sticks have a floral aroma which fills the surroundings with positive energy and enhances the ability to concentrate.

Anubhuti Natural Incense Sticks acts as a perfect companion for prayers and meditation. It purifies the surroundings and creates an ideal ambience for spiritual practises.

Hem Incense Sticks are a natural and unique blend of essential oils, herbs, flowers, and resins. They are handcrafted to diffuse an enchanting fragrance that lasts longer.

Our incense sticks are safe and can be used for its fragrance at home, office, or shops.

Each box contains masala sticks that offer a burning time of 30-40 mins per stick.

Contains 12 packs of 15g

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