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Benzoin Resin Cup

Benzoin Resin Cup

Product Code: 121164
Categories: Fragrance, Resins
Scent: Benzoin
Hem Benzoin resin has a great calming and uplifting effect on the mind. It helps to relieve anxiety and stress. It is uplifting and soothing as well as helps to overcome depression and restore confidence

Benzoin is a dense gum resin that is derived from the bark of styrax that makes for a powerful cleansing agent. We should burn Resins on a hot charcoal tablet which is kept on a bed of sand. The aroma helps you to relax and improves focus, making it a perfect companion during meditation.

Hem Benzoin Resins contains 30 grams of resins which come in a rectangular box.

Sold in a pack of 10 Cups