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PALLET DEAL - 2-3kg Salt Lamps with gift box on Wooden Base & Lead - 180 Pieces

Product Code: 230-23CB-180
PALLET DEAL - Half Pallet of 180 Lamps
Categories: Crystals, Salt
Type: Salt Lamps
Weight: 2-3kg
Quantity: 180
Salt Lamp in Natural Gems Box

Average Dimensions 20cm x 14cm x 10cm

Approximate Weight 2-3kg

Salt and T-lights both give a warm glow to any environment while the crystal produces healthy negative ions. These ions improve the quality of the air (especially where TV's, computers and microwaves are used) which promotes good health.

Sold individually.

This product is sold with a separate UK certified lead.
It will be added Free of Charge at the basket.

This product does NOT come with a bulb.
Please ensure that any bulb used is a British standard bulb.