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Divine Directions by Jade-Sky

Product Code: 9781925429053
Categories: Tarot & Divination, Tarot & Oracle
Type: Mini Affirmation Cards
Subject: Gothic
Jade-Sky, Psychic/Medium, author of What Happens Next, shows you that it is possible to not only connect with your spirit guides, but, also, the energy of the Universe.

These 40 beautifully simple inspirational cards can give you the answers that you need to guide you past any obstacles in life. Call upon your spirit guides and angels to help you to use the cards in love and light for your benefit. Ask that you be given clear and accurate information each time you choose a card. When you are ready, pick up the cards of Divine Guidance and thank your spirit guides for their help.

These cards are a visual reminder or tool,to help you to focus your intent on what you would like from the Universe. DIVINE DIRECTIONS are powerful cards to provide helpful nudges and clear inspiration from the Universe to steer you to the right path.

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